Car Title Loans California Main Features

If you are curious about Car Title Loans in California Main Features you’ve come to the right place!  The Net Lender is a premier auto title lender who specializes in helping people get fast approvals for car title loans.


Car Title Loans California Main Features

You can get a car title loan quickly if your vehicle qualifies.  What decides if a vehicle qualifies for an auto title loan in 2018?  The following things come into play.

  • The miles on your car, SUV, or pickup truck- normally cars with over 200,000 miles — unless they are a diesel truck– will not qualify
  • The make of your vehicle — such as Chevy, Ford,
  • The model – is it a GT, a LS, etc.
  • The condition – mileage, has it been in a serious accident?
  • If you have a salvage title or a clean title
  • If you have possession of the title
  • Minimum income of at least $1,200 a month in California is required
  • Your personal credit score —
  • Personal references
  • Full coverage insurance on the car, truck, suv, or other vehicle
  • Professional references – such as from past jobs or work experiences
  • A minimum loan amount of $2,500 designated by the department of business oversight in California


Car Title Loans California Main Features

What are Car title Loans california Main Features?

How to get a car title loan fast

Here s the problem:

You are in  need of cash, fast.  You’ve obviously done a little Internet  searching  and  have  learned  how  great  car  title loans  can  be.  Also,  you may have discovered how California is one of only 20 states which allows people to use their car title to secure a loan.

How to get a car title loan fast

Now, youre hoping to apply and get the money you need quickly. There is great news for you, Online California Title Loans are typically quick and easy to obtain.

Many times, people have the money they need within just 24 hours!

Before  this  can  happen,  you  need  to  get  prepared  and  make  sure  you  have everything you need ready to go before you call.

Application Checklist for Car Title Loans

Which documents do you need to get started on a car title loan? Here is a list of the items you will want to gather:

 A Valid  Drivers  License  – This  is  pretty  standard.  To  obtain  a  car  title  loan,  you need  to  be  18  years  or  older  and  your  drive’s  license  is  what  shows  this  proof.

You’ll want to also have your mailing address ready to provide when you contact the title loan office

A Vehicle Title with No Liens – A lien means that you have a loan you  have taken out on your vehicle. In order to qualify for a car title loan, you must fully own your vehicle. If you do have a loan on your vehicle, don’t worry:

Online California Title Loans can determine  whether there are liens on your title quickly and if there is a lien, we might be able to help you get out of it by rolling it into  the  new  loan.  Do  not  let this  keep  you  from  reaching  out.  We  may  still  be able to get you the cash you need.

A car title loan can be taken  out on any type of vehicle, not just a car.  This can include,  trucks,  RVs  and  boats.  The  only  stipulation  is  that  they  are  worth  more than $2000. So, as long as you don’t have any liens, you can take a loan out on any type of vehicle.

These are the items that  help us determine the amount you will receive for your loan:

  • Miles on the vehicle
  • Year
  • Make and model
  • Condition
  • Current resale value
  • Current Pay Stubs and Proof of Insurance

We have plenty of loans to offer you.  We can design a loan that meets your specific needs. However, we need you to provide  us  with  proof  that  you  bring  in  at  least  $1200  a  month  and we need to know you have insurance on the vehicle.

You should be aware, though, that you can still get approved even if your income comes from retirement or disability. It just has to total more than $1200 and you will be eligible for a title loan

That’s All You Need! Just to recap, to apply you need:

  • Lien-free car title
  • Drivers license
  • Pay stubs or proof of income over $1200 per month
  • Proof of auto insurance

All  you  need  to  do  is  call Online  California  Title  Loans  at  855-910-8628

and  we will  be  able  to  tell  you  right  away  if  you  qualify  for  a  loan.  Once  approved,  just provide  us  with  the  appropriate  documents  and  you can be well  on  your  way  to getting the cash you  need. If everything goes according to plan, you could have the money in your hands in just 24 hours!


Cash for your car title in Los Angeles

Were you aware that you are able to use your vehicle to obtain cash through a title loan with Online California Title Loans in Los Angeles?
When you look for a bank loan, typically they want to use the largest asset they can as collateral for the loan.  This is usually your home or other major assets that you put up for a loan that
isn’t even a tiny percentage of the value of your asset being used.  If the loan is defaulted on, it can cause a great disaster. When you put something up as collateral, you are risking losing it if you miss your payments. Instead of taking such a risk, you should look into the advantages of car title loans. With a title loan, you use your vehicle as collateral instead of your credit.
Car Title Loans Have Less Paperwork and Requirements
The requirements for car title loans are often a great advantage to other types of loans. They are typically a little more affordable than payday loans and high risk bank loans. A car title loan is usually easy to repay with a tailored repayment plan fit to your specific needs.  Car title loans use the equity that is hidden in your vehicle to help get the cash you need. It doesn’t matter how old your vehicle is, as long as it’s worth more than $2000. We can help you find the money you need right on the spot. We have had people borrow as much as $10,000 on the equity in their vehicle. All you need to do, is provide the appropriate documents, such as pay stubs, proof of insurance, a valid drives license and a lien-free title.  Where your income comes from is not important, all we need to know is that you have proof of consistent income above $1200 per month. We need to know that you are able to repay the loan. Just about anyone can get a car title loan who
owns their vehicle free and clear and has a steady income A car title loan can save you a lot of time from trying to obtain a bank loan or payday loan. Bank loans can require long, delayed approvals due to the many requirements. Payday loans are known for charging crazy interest rates. With our car title loans, it is possible to obtain a better interest rate with an easy to afford payment plan, specifically made to meet your needs. Car title loans are known for being one of the best ways to obtain a loan fast in emergency financial situations.
Title Loans are Available at All Times No matter the reason for needing quick cash
Online California Title Loans is always available to help you through tough financial times without the hassle of many other types of loans. Our paperwork is straightforward and easy to fill out
and using your vehicle as collateral makes your credit history less important to us. We will help you design a plan that meets your specific needs and income.  This can help you to avoid the chance of defaulting or losing your vehicle.  If you are interested in learning more, please feel free to give us a call at 855-910-8628 and our loan specialists will help you get started. You could have the cash you need in your hands in as little as 24 hours!